On the majority of our LPG vessels and onboard some oil/chemical tankers we are supplying full Filipino crew from the Master and Chief Engineer downwards. On some container vessels, we are supplying Filipino Masters, Chief Officers and Second Engineers as well as Junior Officers and Ratings.

Many of our seafarers have grown with us throughout the years. Together with our clients, we have moulded their careers from Trainees & Cadet to Senior Officer. We are proud to observe that our young Cadets recruited some 12 years ago are now serving us as Masters and Chief Engineers.

BSM-CSC-PH presently supplies seafarers for the following types of ships:

Seafarer Portal

The Seafarer Portal is a mobile app dedicated to BSM seafarers. A one stop information portal with push-notification alerts that our seafarers need during and after their contract period. This helps reduce the expensive and time-consuming phone call communications between the seafarer and our office staff.

Through the Seafarer Portal, our seafarers can submit their availability date, update their profile and allotment details. They will be notified of their expiring documents, next vessel assignment and planned training. Information on their salary and expense claim, as well as the latest company news and announcements is also available.


As part of our ongoing commitment to supply only the best Filipino seafarers, training is given the highest priority.

With our affiliation to BSM Maritime Training Centre Philippines, Inc., we offer courses to our seafarers for FREE (Click here to see courses offered). The courses are conducted by highly competent trainers and they are presented using the latest tools and technology to ensure maximum gains and benefits.

We also have Cadet and Junior Officer development programs that will ensure advancement and promotion.

For more info on BSM Maritime Training Centre Philippines, Inc. please click below to visit their web page.

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